Friday, 8 June 2012

....This past week....

....has been just lovely, even if it has rained every day, and every night, its been wonderful to off had a week from what have i been up to ?......................................................

...Lots of Lay-ins, not having to get up at six.....

....A new book started, i adore Joanne Harris.....

....some stitchin'.....

.....finished my 'woodland wrap'..( as you know ).... my overalls on to give our bedroom a fresh coat of paint.....

....drank gallons of tea......i do like a nice cup of tea......

....Plus off course, popped up to see the Queen, which as you know didn't go quite as according to plan as also today i had a lovely lunch with my son Sam, it was just the two us, which is very rare these days as he has a little family, so this was a perfect end to my week........I have a lovely stack of magazines to settle down with tonight..................

.....back at work tomorrow, yes' i know its Saturday, but hospitals never shut, so weeks and weekends all seem to roll into one,,,in fact i am working one day on and one day off for about the next two weeks which is really going to throw me.......
........So see you all soon my bloggy friends, and thank you all as always for all your lovely comments that you leave me..........take care.....Pixie xxx


  1. I am reading the same book - isn't it good? The same 2 magazines are on my bedside table too! I am not painting though although I should but I am feeling very unmotivated at the mo. One day on and one day off would fill me with horror - hope you can enjoy Sunday with another lie in. Karen X

  2. ah yes, i am familiar with hospital work and it's funny shifts, was in occupational therapy for 15 years. i love all these homely images and apart from your gorgeous-gorgeous crochet, which i love, i am very enamoured with your spotty mug ❤

    lots of love xx

  3. i have just started to read 'coastliners' but keep being side tracked with 'clash of kings' :)

  4. hi, that was a very busy week off that was! You have packed a lot into it. I love your spotty tea mug, am completely obsessed with spottiness at the moment. Hope summer arrives really soon, sick of all the rain. jayne x

  5. always enjoy a peek into your crafty world. Love the that a fox I see? I can't believe you have a son and granddaughter! I thought you were about 20 something!xxoo m

  6. firstly you don't look old enough to have a son with his own family... you must have been young, bless you. Ahhhh a nice cuppa, you can't beat it can you! Your bedroom looks lovely, and I love your overalls. I would wear them every day and look like I've been in the art studio...
    Lets home we get some sunshine in June!
    Much love

  7. Hi Pixie,
    Thank you for your kind message. I'm away for a while from blogging, but I just thought I would stop by and read your blog post. So lovely to see that you have been busy with your creative work and decorating. Also, it's good to see you in your photos... Your woodland wrap is so beautiful and I love the colours. I'm just learning how to crochet, but I'm not very good at it.
    Anyway, have a great week and please do stay in touch. Email me if you like! ;-)
    Best wishes,
    Jo. x

  8. Hi Pixie, I sure love the colours you used for your woodland wrap, it's beautiful together.Once I knitted with Jamieson's wool,a traditional shetland pullover. Lost it somehow. All those colours they have. I'm always drawn between such a palette of colours, and the kind Lucy from Attic24 uses.
    You have had a very busy week, the energy you have. Your house looks nice. Are you working as a nurse? That would explain your times of working.
    And I agree with Trish, you surely don't look old enough to have a gron up son!!!!!!!!
    Wish you a nice week!

  9. The wrap is gorgeous! I also love the crochet blanket on your bed! Lovely use of colours!

  10. Yes I am currently seeing that weather close hand. Hasn't it been wet?
    I love your crocheting and I do LOVE a cup of tea.

  11. Wow what a jam-packed post! You have been busy haven't you! Look at your bed covered in that stunning blanket!!!!! And your new doll is so gorgeous. You are so clever hon. I have had no time all week to read all my fave blogs so today I'm being naughty and ignoring the housework while I catch up. My sewing machine just died so my plans to sew this morning are out the window. Another cup of tea is required before I decide what to do next.

    Have a fabulous week hon, see you again soon.