Tuesday, 5 June 2012

.....Woodland wrap.....

.....Hello my lovelies, and i think i shall just start by saying ,, wasn't it a jubilant jubilee.. it was good to watch the rest of it on the telly from a cosy sofa, after our wet attempt in London on Sunday, still,, at least we tried.......well done Queenie, you always amaze me how calm you look.......

................So moving on......some time before Christmas i showed some pictures of a 'woodland blanket', that i was crocheting in lovely 'Shetland wool', i showed a few squares completed and even showed you a knitted border that i wanted to attach around the edge.......well''.....i ummed and ahhhed over the whole thing and none of it seemed right to me...so i unpicked the border, stitched the blocks in a different order, and added a nice little edge,, and i have finished what is now my..'' Woodland willow wrap''.....

.......Its lovely and long,, its all snuggly,, its all Shetland,, its hand dyed,, and i love it.............

.....................................TAH DAHHHHHHH...........................................................................

.....Hook size used 3.5.....
......Lost count of how many balls used.....
......33 Squares made.....

.....Colours,, ( i just love the names of these little balls of delight )... x

Mooskit ,  Loganberry,  sunset,  nutmeg,  Earth,  peat,  Burnt umber,  Bracken,  Turf,  Peony,  Sand,  Pebble,  Pumpkin,  Grouse,   Laurel,  Atlantic,  Moss,  Verdigris,  Bramble,  Coral,  Wren,  Rosewood.  

.....There are 180 different colour shades to buy, that's pretty amazing....and such a delight to knit and crochet with....

.......See you soon...


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous, I love those colours and such a pretty pattern!
    Victoria xx

  2. Just divine. I wish I could wear wool :-O

  3. Oh my goodi-ness it's too beautiful! I love love the pattern and oh the colours are to die for xox Well done with your change of pattern and use for these stunning squares. I love the dress you are wearing too, gorgeous xox Penelope

  4. What a lovely colour combination, funny how sometimes moving the order of the square makes it 'right'. It looks lovely as a wrap but also as a throw, well done for finishing, I tend to leave things half finished. The names of the yarn are gorgeous too. jayne x

  5. Hi Pixie,
    What a beautiful work you did. It is so beautiful and the colours are just lovely.
    Well done. :)

  6. Oh, it is so very, very beautiful! Well done, clever lady. If I'm not mistaken that wool is on sale on the top floor in Loop? I came over from France last weekend for an embroidery workshop and fell in love with all those colourway options.

    So, what's the next project, then? ;-)


  7. So beautiful, the colours are just perfect, you really are clever xx

  8. I love it. Well done Pixie. xxx

  9. Now that, is a thing of beauty!
    As I'm sitting here in our English Summer (with the central heating on) I'm also wanting a woodland wrap to snuggle up into!
    Very lovely colours!

  10. It's lovely. The colours you have used are beautiful and they do have pretty names. Is it not a little tickly round your neck, being shetland wool? I like your owl brooch too.

  11. Oh it's so snugly and perfect for an adventure into a woodland all wraped up.
    The names of the balls are just heavenly.
    Love v

  12. Oh hon it is absolutely gorgeous!! Totally my kind of colours so you can imagine my complete and utter envy, especially when it's FREEZING here today!!! The fire is on, woolly items are worn, biscuits in the oven (in an attempt to warm the kitchen) but I'm still cold. Clearly I need to make a woodland wrap!!!!! You clever thing.

    Have a fab week lovely girl. We have the jubilee celebrations on telly tonight so I'm going to settle down with my hook and watch. It's a shame that we don't get right into it here even though she is our Queen too. We had a lovely lunch with friends and drank tea and ate scones - our token gesture celebration!!


  13. Its gorgeous - wish I could crochet! X

  14. Oh my, this is gorgeous!!! I love everything about it... the pattern, the colors... and that yarn looks awesome! Beautiful job!!

  15. It is really beautiful, you are very talented to put these colours together in such a lovely soft way. I would wear your wrap everyday - it certainly does conjure woodland images. I admire your patience too for completing such a huge task.

  16. Very lovely Pixie and even more special that it is 100% hand dyed wool.. Great Job Hun!!

  17. Dear Pixie, This is absolutely wonderful.. Expecially colors.. Supper.. I like your wrap so so so much..:)) Best wishes..

  18. Even tho it is way too hot here in sunnyn southern California.. I would still wear it!! The colors look like it was made long ago.. greyed down and vintage looking.. just beautiful!!! great work!!!

  19. ohhhh such gorgeousness...it is so beautiful!
    i am sitting here wondering what i could make using that wool, the colours just sound wonderful...i should say 'what i have to make'! i must think of something essential to get away with buying yet more yarn!

  20. Pixie, your Woodland Willow Wrap is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! Gorgeous colours, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I've just discovered the Willow pattern from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book, and a couple of days ago started my first one (without really knowing what it will become)!! Enjoy snuggling in your wrap : -)

  21. Your Woodland Willow wrap is gorgeous!! The colours are beautiful (I love the names of them too) ♥ And your little Owl brooch is adorable!
    Have a wonderful weekend Pixie.

  22. Wow,your wrap is just so gorgeous.I love the muted serene colours and your choices are just perfect.I will definitely try some of that yarn some day but I dare not buy anymore wool at the moment........
    Anne x

  23. it's absolutley gorgeous! and so is the little owlie ❤

  24. WOWWWWWWWW!!! I love your work and your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!