Wednesday, 20 June 2012

.....Wear something crafty.....

......This is the name of my new little line in ''Altered upcycled clothing''........

''Wear something crafty''

......I have been collecting and storing up old and new unwanted clothes and fabrics for a while indulge in my other joy of recycling old clothes,, i think it all started with the tweed jacket back in October that got me all fired up into doing it..........i have been quietly considering too about starting another blog all about redesigning old clothes,  and hopefully selling some of my creations from it watch this space my friends, i think new things are afoot in the 'crafte nook'..........

.....This is an old tank top that i have just finished upcycling,, i have given it the Pixie treatment, and i am quite quite pleased with it........ has its very own hand stitched 'wear something crafty' label..... has hand stitched writing...... has scrappy fabric and buttons..... has an old vintage button that i found in my mums old button tin, that now has a hand stitched teapot on it......

....Its also wool and angora, so lovely and soft to wear........i think i shall put this one up for sale.....what do you think? x

......Back soon with new things....

PS  Hello and welcome to my new followers, its so lovely to hear from you, and thank you for stopping by at the ''crafte nook'' and taking time to read it, i am so grateful to everyone who reads my waffle as i do love sharing it all with you......thank you all again my lovelies....Pixie x x x


  1. Good luck, you clever thing - the things you transform are wonderful!
    Jane x

  2. very cute! I will def be following that blog too!!

  3. Wow !!!!I love the details that you are using!!!!!

    I hope your visit

  4. You would love a stall in our street market on Tuesday. She cuts up and reassembles knitwear and jackets, skirts and dresses, adding big buttons frills and extra details.
    Good luck with your new blog ;-)

  5. You are so clever!
    I love a bit of upcycling but sometimes lack ideas, so an up-cycling bloggy site would be fabulous.
    And yes, you should definitely be selling your crafty clothing. I and many others would love to wear something crafty!
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. What a brilliant idea, love the label. I love to re-use bits and pieces of old garments and fastenings and incorporate them in my work too. Watching with interest what's next. jaynex

  7. I think it's a great idea. I always embellish my "new" clothes with buttons or ribbons or I sew little pieces of fabric on to make them "my own" Lucey x

  8. This is great!! I can't wait to see and hear more!!

  9. What an adorable vest, Pixie! I really think you're on to something, and I love the idea of tying in a new blog with the of sharing your ideas for transforming garments and.... the added pleasure of selling some on-line (or wherever)! You have a great eye for keeping things vintage yet new and artful. Yes! I'll definitely be following and look forward to what you come up with for sale!

  10. ohhh what a fantastic idea...that little vest is so sweet :)
    i love the idea of the new blog~i always change things by changing buttons or adding trim but new ideas are always welcome!

  11. What a lovely blog. I will be adding you to my reader list. x

  12. Great idea! Love all the hand stitched touches. Perfect label!
    That antique button is so sweet!
    Will give Julie you regards..

  13. Your creations are incredibly unique and charming. Love the photos - they're very inspiring.

  14. You truly are a crafty genius! I adore your hand stitched labels sooooo much. Can't wait to see what other beauties you create hon.

    Hope you're having a fabulous week,

  15. Yes yes yes! Really original and fresh idea. Please do open a blog/shop with your stunning handwork.

  16. Fabulous idea. Who wouldn't want to wear something crafty?!!

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