Saturday, 14 July 2012

.....I forgot to tell you.....

.....i cant believe that i actually forgot to mention that my little 'Scrap Sally dolls' are now for sale in a really spiffy shop called ''Handmade happiness'',, there is a link to the shop over on the right hand side so do go and have a look at Jenny's amazing shop... its so exciting to have my little dolls in a shop, sitting along side other very talented if your around 'Hampshire' way do go and gave a lookie......

...there she is sitting with some other new friends in 'Handmade happiness'...
.....Oh,,Ive just spotted those two little birds over on the left, how cute are they....
......Jenny, who owns the shop is a very clever doll maker too, that is one of hers standing in the front with the lovely flowery dress on........

.....what else have i forgotten to tell you.......oh yes......

......the hexi puff seat pad is very slowly taking shape, i have slacked of from knitting any puffs for a while as other things have grabbed my attention, but here it is at the moment....none are stitched together as yet.....

.....hmmmmm,, still along way from the end, i think this is going to be one of those projects that is going to take an age to finish, one of those ones that you pick up from time to time as the mood takes you.........still, I'm in no rush to finish fact,, i have been missing my crochet of late and have been thinking about big blankets again,, Goodness....i cant start something else..........though i know i will.........x



  1. Your Scrap Sally doll looks very special indeed sitting in the window of Handmade Happiness. Irresistible I'd say.

  2. Ooh the shop looks lovely and only 20 or so minutes away from me, so may have to have a little nosey one day soon!
    Victoria xx

  3. Perfect place for your little girls! Looks like a darling shop, and if I wasn't just a tad far away I'd be dropping in for a look!


  4. Congratulations honey! How exciting having your dolls in a shop - yippee!! I am sitting here ooohing and aaahing over your beautiful hexie blanket on the back of the seat - I have loved it since the first time you showed us. It's reminded me that I have a hexie blanket partially made in the to-do pile. Must dig it out and get cracking on it once I finish these pesky ends of my granny blanket. I love having a blanket on the go. Can't wait to see what blankety gorgeousness you come up with next!

    Have a fabulous week hon,

  5. Congratulations, how lovely to have your darling dolls in a proper shop!

    Love that last pic :D

  6. Pixie, that is so super exciting!! If only I was anywhere near Hampshire, I would pop in to see your Scrap Sally Dolls. Love your little hexi puffs too, great colours.