Saturday, 21 July 2012

....Stitchin', stitchin', stitchin'.....

.....I picked up some new pieces of vintage fabric on Tuesday this week to add to my 'wear something crafty' stash.........................well, ,probably not so much the piece with houses on it, it just caught my eye and i new i just had to have a piece of it......not sure what i am going to do with it yet though.......
anyway.....lovely scrummy fabric.......

......i then picked up an old slip from a charity shop for a few pennies......

.....i now have a new more pixiefied slip to wear underneath my dresses and skirts......

....its too nice to hide underneath my dress,, so i shall wear it on show......

.....i just love it....i have another slip in dark blue to pixiefy too......

......also, i made myself a Suffolk puff bracelet to wear.........its had lots of interest from other people....i may have to make some more off these.........lovely and quick to make,.i made it in an evening....... i was out picking up bits of scrummy fabric and rooting through charity shops i found some old hangers in a junk shop................just perfect for hanging my 'wear something crafty' clothes on......

......and here's a little snippet of what i am working on at the moment......

......some more of this another time.....

.......i hope your all having a wonderful weekend, and the sun is shining,,,finally the big yellow ball has shown itself to our rather soaked country and its been such a relief to soak up some rays today......
.......hugs to you all and happy crafting....
x Pixie x



  1. Dear Pixie, You seem so pretty with your skirt and nice shoes. And I like your fabric bracelet so much. I may try to make it...)) Thank you very much..:))
    Happy Sunday and all best wishes..:))

  2. Super underskirt dearest Pixie and I can't wait to see your current project. Also loving the shoes. In fact the whole post is mavellous! The end. xxx

  3. What lovely makes Pixie! The bracket is gorgeous! I am also, a teeny bit, in love with your shoes! :)
    Victoria xx

  4. that last photo looks very intriguing!

  5. Loving all that new fabric! Looks like linen..?
    Sweet pixie slip and love the suffolk puff bracelet...I want to make one of those too!
    Julie says HI! to you. Teaching at Westin College, is that closer?

  6. Lots of lovely fabrics and crafty bits, those are gorgeous hangers you picked up. I love your toe nail varnish colour peeping through your sandals. You are a clevery crafty pixie. Sun shone all day here too. Hope it continues jayne x

  7. Pretty stitching, and I love your clothes hangers! Looking forward to seeing the whole of the snippet :)

  8. What finds and makes! You have such a unique touch with fabric and
    your shoes are the absolute limit in wonderfulness!

  9. Pixie, this is so adorable, such fun! I always wore my lace underskirt for all to see in the 80s, but this one is nicer! I am going to make myself a coffee and sit down and read through your blog before everyone wakes. I love early mornings! Ada :)

  10. You have a new fan! Only managed 12 minutes of 'craft envy' before my little one came to join me- lovely stuff! Ada :)

  11. Beautiful! You have a style that is so uniquely you; I love that! Your crocheted edges in the last pictures are gorgeous!
    Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!
    Kate :}

  12. Love your "new old" slip !! But also your shoes !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Pixie, that's one seriously cute slip, love it!!

  14. Hi gorgeous girl! What a seriously stunning post!! I am ooohing and aaahing over every photo. I adore your slip - that is a brilliant idea. Love the old coathangers - they are are fabulous find. Love the bracelet - they would sell like hotcakes I bet. Love the blue toenails too!!!

    I can't wait to see more of your secret project - it looks amazing so far, you big tease.

    Right I'm off to make a cup of tea as my fingers are freezing and I just can't get warm today. I should be doing a post for my new blanket but I can hardly type. Will have to wait til tomorrow.

    See you again soon hon.

  15. Oh Pixie! You've really outdone yourself now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little slip hanging beneath, what appears to be, the perfect dress. The stitching, colors, all of it. Can't wait to see what else you're cooking up!

  16. Just found your gorgeous blog via Ada at Vintage Sheet Addict ... I love all your crafty makes and your shoes are lovely lovely ... really sorry for your recent loss ... Bee xx

    PS I just became a happy follower!