Sunday, 8 July 2012

.....My creative space.........

.....I was sat in my little creative cubby hole late the other night, ( i think Mr P was having a swift half down at our local drinking hole,) and whilst i was sat amidst the haven of creative mayhem that is my craft space, with my little work light on,, i thought i would take a couple of pictures of it...................................
would you like to see it.......................................brace yourself.

....floor to ceiling mayhem!...though i do actually know where everything is..... looks kinda cosy doesn't it, i do quite like just sitting up here with a mug of tea and just thinking......its a good place for thinking........

....i should have a really good sort out, but i know it would be a complete waste of time as i just cant throw any potential craft nic nac away......

....oh look theres Molly,, i don't remember her being there...!

....i took this picture the next morning so can see the mayhem in daylight.......not sure now if that was such a good idea.......

.....So there you go, a little look at my creative space,, i think i may craft myself a little sign to hang on the door warning people before entry of what they may see. I have seen other blog sites creative spaces and all theres seem to be a light filled den of total order and everything in boxes or labelled and all stacked up wont find anything like that here, no siree,,,
......I love my little creative mayhem.....


  1. i love seeing creative peoples spaces- ive got a book called 'where woman create' - its American though, but i wish they'd bring out an English version as im sure so many creative woman like yourself have such dreamy spaces- inspirational space. I have a few corners in my home where i try and be creative tho ive lost my mojo this weekend ;0)x

  2. What a fabulous little Nook! Would love a creative space like that to escape to :)
    Victoria xx

  3. Ohh I like your creative corner.. You have all things what you need..:)) Molly is so sweet and she is visiting your space..
    All best wishes..
    And happy days..

  4. Looks just perfect to me!

  5. I want to live here! <3 Seriously, I love small spaces, and small *crafty* spaces are even better! Clutter is never clutter if it is creative clutter :)

  6. Pixie... this is just the kind of post I love! I so enjoy seeing into people's spaces, and especially where they create. Everything appears to be so organized, and I'm impressed with the way you use every inch of it! Also, love seeing all your little goodies sitting about. Lovely!


  7. What a lovely creative space you have Pixie, I too love looking at where and how people work, as you say it looks like very organised mayhem which sounds perfect to me. I am unable to throw anything crafty out either, every button, pin, bit of lace, trim, all are stored in stacking boxes. I intend to get too my little box room to make a working space as I tend to bring down what I am working on in a basket. I loved seeing where you work, love the crates. I have acquired some french wine crates so intend to paint them then store my linens and supplies in.

  8. I think it all looks perfect and tidiness and creativity do not go together. There is always a cat in our house curious about whatever we are making and if a parcel is delivered our lovely Chloe is there like a shot to help with the unwrapping. Karen X

  9. Wow Pixie - your creative space is FANTASTIC!! I would find it difficult to not spend every waking minute in there amongst all your goodies. It looks like an absolute treasure trove.

    Have a fabulous crafty week gorgeous girl.
    PS: I finished my huge granny blanket this morning!! Now I just have about 72 millions ends to weave in before taking pics. I promised myself I'd do it as I went - clearly I'm a big fat liar!!!!

  10. I loooove your creative space. I should take some pics of mine! I wanted to let you knwo I've made some pink opal earrings for my latest giveaway. It would be lovely if you wanted to enter. Em ♥

  11. Mayhem of the utmost kind!!