Thursday, 5 July 2012

....Wondrous friends......

.....Hello my friends out there in blog land, something to share with you today....a most wondrous gift through the post from a dear bloggy friend and most excellent fibre artist, 'Mary from Art spirit'.. ( who i have to add is having a most spiffy time in France with the most spiffiest of creators 'Julie Arkell) with envy i can tell you..... Anyhoo....... Having  unexpected gifts through your letter box is a joy indeed,  especially when you've been out all day traipsing round countless stores looking for ties and suits for a Mr Pixie, who thought it would be a good idea to leave it till two days before our friends wedding to find an outfit for the glorious day............grrrrr..............anyway................yes indeed,, a most wonderful parcel to receive after such a day.......................................

....a 'Stuffed' magazine,,, which i have never seen before.....England is a bit lame on the magazine front when it comes to creative reading,, if you want anything different you usually need to order this was a great surprise.......

.......and here's a little bit of what Mary makes inside the magazine.....

....wonderful pin cushions.....

.....these characters caught my eye...i can feel that i may have to have a go at making some of these.....

......aren't these great....

.....Also in my amazing parcel where some lovely papery bits and bobs,, and a beautiful card by 'Natalie Lete'

....Thank you so so much Mary for my beautiful surprise gifts, and i hope you are having the most fantastic time with Julie, and all the other creative ladies there with you...x x

......Also today my bloggy friends i received another gifty through the post.. this time it was a gift to
 myself first pair of Sanita clogs, ... and what i need to know now is,, does this make me an official member of the 'Granny chic' brigade ,, do you think Rachelle and Tif would be proud ?
..i hope so, as from when i first saw the lovely Tif from Dottie Angel wearing them i knew my closet was missing a vital piece of the creators jigsaw.....

......Thank you Tif for the idea of clogs......i new something was missing from my life and this was it....x

......So yes'' we have a very full weekend coming up, our friends daughter is tying the knot on Saturday, and then it is number one sons birthday on Sunday., who will be twenty five............goodness me,, where oh where did the years go, it seems only five minutes ago i was asking him what he wanted for his birthday, and it was usually the most recent Action man and a Beano annual,, and now i ask him what he wants and he asks me for some new wood work tools and a book on Quantum physics...crikey......he knows more stuff than i do, when he starts talking about atoms and planets and things my brain just goes into melt down..
.....Happy birthday my beautiful boy.......

....Sam and Lily....


  1. ooh lovely post . i have cloggs but try as i might i cant walk they a normal person in the blue i played safe with brown. but blue is better . enjoy. ps i will put mine on again and have another try. im so needing computor lessons , just took me an hour to do one little post.

  2. What a fantastic post, I love receiving things through the post, especially unexpected. I especially love a hand written letter. That mag looks great, love the house pin cushions. Those clogs am green with envy they are soooo gorgeous I love that colour, normally I don't go for blue but what a beautiful colour blue that is. So cute to wear with layered outfits. And your boy is truly a beautiful one and his lily. Where does the time go and why does their birthday's make you nostalgic for times when it was pass the parcel and goodie bags. Time just slips on by. have a great wedding hope the weather is kind! x

  3. I am looking forward to seeing your take on "stuffed monsters!!!"
    Enjoy your clogs!!

  4. I love your new blue clogs!
    Julie Arkell! How fun for Mary!

  5. Hello pixie, your clogs are the most beautiful blue...I'm scared of the clog thing, because like hesta I know I would not be able to walk like a normal person! I am really likeing the look of that lovely book....hope you have a great weekend .....clog hopping? :-)
    Love Sophie x

    Oh and what a lovely photo of your son and Lily...happy birthday, and yes my son is far too brainy too!! I just nod alot :-)

  6. What a feast of eye-candy in your post!! The little house pincushions are really cute. I've been hankering after a pair of clogs for a while now, in fact since I was 8 years old and I had a red, white and blue striped pair!!! Yours are perfect.

  7. What a fabulous magazine, love the fox! Oh my your clogs are to die for! Do they come in red??? Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy too!
    Victoria xx

  8. Hi gorgeous girl! I feel as if I haven't been in touch forever!!! It is the school holidays here so the kids are keeping me busy. I've snuck out really early while the house is asleep just to get some blog time!! I adore your magazine, especially those wee house pincushions. I must have a go at making one from all the little bits and pieces I have squirrelled away for small projects. As for your clogs - LOVE THEM!! You must have the happiest feet in the land. Happy birthday to your lovely boy too. Have a fab week hon.

  9. Love that magazine. I really want to make those houses. Is it an English publication?
    A lovely post!

  10. I think your new clogs are rather super and will indeed make your crafty soul shine as you clip clog about with upmost importance rxx