Friday, 17 February 2012

...One man, two Guvnors and the lurgy......

.....Hi everyone....well, we went to London on Wednesday and had a really nice time....very laid back,, no rushing,, just wandering around the city enjoying mainly Portobello road and all its antique shops and nick nack shops...then from there we went to the Kings road... so i could visit my most favourite shop 'Anthropologie', and i was very good, i didn't buy anything...hows that for restraint....and then on the tube to Covent garden for dinner and to the Adelphi theatre for ''One man, two Guvnors'', which was off course absolutely brilliant, and fantastically funny....i do love a good farce,. Of course i couldnt' take any photos inside the theatre but i have found a couple on google for you to see,....I'm never too sure if you can use pictures from google images to show people i hope its OK.......

....The play didn't finish till ten fifteen, so by the time we got home it was gone one in the morning............

.....and then.....

.....The next day, i didn't feel all that well and by the evening i was shaking all over, sweating one minute, shivering the next, every muscle hurt then this turned into a most horrid sickness bug....... today, has been spent laying on the sofa wrapped up in my blanket ( i knew that blanket would be useful ), and not moving much further than to change a ball of yarn................

.....Most definitely an early night for me.....

...I hope your all well were you are, take care...


  1. London sounded great but sorry you're feeling poorly. Hope you feel better very soon. Love the crochet by the way. xxx

  2. Poor Pixie! I'm glad you had a lovely time in London though - good job you weren't ill the day before. Hope you feel better soon. Gorgeous colours in your crochet!
    Jane x

  3. Your trip to London sounds like a blast! Sorry you ended up with the crud, though. I hope you feel better fast! Have a great weekend!

  4. bless you...hope you feel better soon.

  5. Poor Pixie..... so sorry your time home is ending with the crud. Hopefully, Sunday will find you better, up and around. I love your previous post! Especially that felted basket. It's soooo nicely shaped and appears to be the perfect size. I'm glad you got to spend some time in London (listen to me, "some time in London" if only). Nothing like live theater to make an evening special. You were a very good Pixie to not have spent in Anthropologie. I went to the one in Chicago over Thanksgiving and also left my $$ in my bag. Actually, unbelievablely, I didn't really see anything I just had to have... lots of wants though. Get well soon!

  6. Oh you poor luv! What rotten time to get sick! You're meant to be having a lovely relaxing time on the couch, under a blanket, with your crochet hook - but feeling well not blah. I hope that you're starting to feel a bit better gorgeous girl. Your trip to London sounded amazing - I am sooooo jealous. And as for that blanket of yours - it's totally fabulous - just the thing for keeping poor Pixie cosy. Take care hon.

  7. love the coplours in your crochet blanket! I must start another one!
    Leanne x